About LEAP

The LeanDash Essential Addons Pack consists of our distinct LearnDash based addons. These addons in themselves have amazing features which will help you fill up the missing block of functionalities in your LearnDash site. However, as a pack these plugins together enhances your LMS to another level building your perfect online university, school or a course marketplace. Here are the plugins that are part of the LearnDash Essential Addons Pack.

WISDM Instructor Role Plugin for LearnDash

Empower Instructors to Create and Manage Courses on LearnDash LMS

For years, admins have been looking for solutions in order to delegate the course creation and management responsibilities to ‘Instructors’ so that they could focus more on other aspects of their business. The Instructor Role plugin has turned out to be a huge benefit for admins as it empowers Instructors with course creation and management responsibilities. Instructor Role has a dedicated Instructor Dashboard where he/she can view Commissions, Reports, Courses etc. It is the best overview an Instructor can dream of. Having said that, the admin can sit back and relax when it comes to security. The plugin ensures restricted access to the Instructors and gives the admin the power to review any changes made or new content posted by the Instructor. 

WISDM Group Registration Plugin for LearnDash

Your All-In-One LearnDash Bulk Enrollment & Group Management Tool

WISDM Group Registration is a plugin that lets “Group Leaders” enroll users in bulk, into a group, thus saving time of the admin. The admin does not have to worry about creating a group because that is created automatically when the Group Leader purchases the course. Also the Admin does not have to worry about enrolling students as the Group Leader does it himself. 

WISDM Ratings, Reviews and Feedback Plugin for LearnDash

A 3-in-1 Plugin to Boost Course Credibility

We realised that trust and credibility are the pillars of any LMS, hence, we came up with the WISDM Ratings, Reviews & Feedback. This plugin enables users to review courses, rate them and give their valuable feedback. This will help new users visiting the site to confide in the LMS and will boost the trust and credibility factors making it super useful for the admin.

WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Get Detailed Student Progress Reports for Actionable Insights

A piece of a puzzle was still missing, YES, Reports. The WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension was released when we realised how important quizzes can prove to be for admins. This plugin provides the admin with Quiz Reports for each user. It definitely does not stop here. These reports can also be exported in the form of a CSV file.

WISDM Content Cloner for LearnDash

Quickly Create LearnDash Courses the Smarter Way

Now, introducing the LearnDash Content Cloner. Anytime the admin wishes to clone any course content, this is the perfect solution. You can also bulk rename the titles of the cloned course content at once. Also, guess what, it’s FREE!