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What most students get wrong about book reviews


Every other day we come across different books and get to know about new authors that are coming to the limelight due to their outstanding writing skills and demand in the market. Some people really like to pen down their thoughts, facts, ideas, or even fantasy-based stories in the form of a book and publish them for others to give it a read.


While some people are great at writing, others are great at reviewing. Not everyone can give a book review. People who know the nitty-gritty of writing can do so well. Literature views or book reviews are very common these days. This really helps the readers choose a book to read or for as their coursework reference book and at the same time tell the writer of all the possible shortcomings in their book.


Throughout school and college, instructors give assignments to students to write a book review, essay, or any other formal document. This can become really tough for those students who are not good with words or not experienced in penning down their opinion or reviews regarding a certain thing. Those individuals can book a reliable and professional essay writer. They are professionals and can guide you really well to do well in your assignment.


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Book reviews are an integral part of the curriculum throughout the globe. Some students do great in their first or second attempt while others make multiple mistakes and learn. 


Here I am going to mention some of those mistakes so that you can go through them and avoid making them in the future or look out for those issues while checking or finalizing a book review.


  • Starting the book review with hyperbolic statements that have fancy words but do not make much sense. You do not have to impress the reader with your vocabulary, rather tell them your opinion regarding a certain book and the approach used by the author.


  •   Lack of clarity.


This is a very common issue. Students just keep on writing without making any sense or following a correct pattern. This is not a WhatsApp chat but rather a formal document so do not make this mistake.


  •   Repetitive and redundancy are another big issue.


to make sure the readers do not miss the point that you are trying to make can lead to redundancy as you might add the same details over and over again. Readers highly unappreciated that so do not do it. Feel free to ask for help from EssayWriter.College.


  •   The issue of casual narcissism.


Yes, you will be the one who is at work here and reviewing the work but you do not have to bring attention to it by using strong rude statements. You do not have to make it the talk of the town rather stay polite with your words and professionalism.


  •   Over-exploitation of the plot and giving spoilers.


A book review is meant for the analysis of the book. It’s the plot and the author’s style of writing and not the summary of the book. So do not give mega spoilers to the readers.


  •   Excessive length and an extremely detailed book review.


It is a book review, not the entire book so write precisely.


  •   Biased comments.


A book review should not contain your personal views regarding the author rather just review what’s written in a particular book, the storyline, and everything related to it. A personal essay writer is someone who can help with this easily. There are some common mistakes that students make while writing a book review or analyzing it.


These are some of the common mistakes students usually make that cost them their grades. Try to avoid them and practice a lot before submitting an assignment formally. Good luck!